Our Story

You could be a movie mogul for the price
of a few cups of coffee.

That’s right, for the price of a cup of coffee you can have a hand in getting a major motion picture made. Our project is almost fully funded. To be able to fully access the funds to get started we need just few thousand dollars more and our full budget will be released. Currently, we are at $750k . Once we have reached our goal of $1.25 Million we can then begin making this amazing story into a major motion picture.

You may ask “Why should I help?” Well, A Gift of the Heart is no ordinary motion picture. Making the movie is only the beginning. All of the the net profits will be donated to help Kids with Cancer and Veterans and their families. 

So, don’t delay. Help us build this groundbreaking concept and donate today by clicking here.

Mission Statement

A Gift Of The Heart Film will be donating 100% of its net profits to helping children with cancer and their families, to helping Veterans and their families in need. Additionally we will provide awareness of the need for Organ donation and help people to register. We understand the shock of losing a loved one, an organ donation can save another and ensure that your loved one’s legacy lives on. Our Team of talented industry professionals embrace life on all levels and are coming together to produce this heartfelt movie, to inspire emotion and a movement for humility and humanity. ALL of us at A Gift of the Heart ask that you join us on this wonderful journey and Donate graciously. With thanks from all of us, may your days be blessed.