Maxamus Films

Maxamus Films, the production company for A Gift of the Heart also has several other productions you may have heard of. Stories from the heartfelt to horror to comedy (and sometimes a little of both). Here are a few of the most current productions.

Maybeline, Molly and Me

An adaptation of a story by Andrew Heller. This is a heartfelt tale pf loss and friendship.

We begin as a grandpa has adopted his grandson since his Son in law and daughter have been killed in the fighting in the middle east. They were both Marines. Grandpa, and Peter Go for rides in Maybeline a classic car grandpa cherishes. When Grandpa passes away he leaves everything to his grandson. Peter is now grown but just likes to sit in the driveway and ponder life. The next door neighbor is a divorcee with a daughter who is terminally ill named Molly. Molly loves to sit with Peter and dream about how life could be.

Look for this gem on DVD soon.

Trailer Park Tales

Episodic series of macabre and horror with a twist of humor.

Episode 1: The Hitchin’ Post

For a limited time and 100 copies of the pilot Trailer Park Tales is available for Christmas. $10 plus shipping. If you would like to order more than one enjoy a discount of 25% off your order. At Checkout use Coupon Code TPTDVD and receive a one time 25% discount on up to 10 copies. All DVD sales go to fund the production of episode 2.

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