The Team

Writer, Actor, Executive Producer

A man of many talents Andrew has acted on the stage and screen for many years. A writer, teacher he takes his craft seriously. After a short absence from the arts he got the bug to return upon the prompting of lifelong friend Joe Mast. He would start from the beginning. He cranked out A Diary Of Poems, fourty four years worth and two volumes of personal poetry. He then began resurrecting A Gift Of The Heart. First he began to update the screen play and then book. The book is available right here on this website. Within five months the screenplay was complete, had a teaser, some actors chosen, radio shows done tp promote the project, endorsements in place and on the cusp of production. That brings us to today. Andrew is pursuing his dream and his mission more vigorously now than ever. Stamp out cancer in children and help families associated in need. A Gift of the Heart isn’t just a heartfelt story…it’s a movement.

Actor, Executive Producer

Austin is an actor famous for playing the original Red Ranger in the Fox TV series Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. He has also been a paramedic and has seen first hand the need for awareness about organ donation. After reading the script he joined our cast and team for the A GIFT OF THE HEART project.

Our Publicist
Donna Segura & Oleander PR

To say my being honored, and privileged to being a vital part of A GIFT OF THE HEART would be an understatement particularly due to the premise of the project that affects many including ourselves.

~Donna Segura