Along Comes Hope®

The Along Comes Hope® Story.

Founder and CEO Jennifer Mulks Wieneke, began Along Comes Hope® in 2013 after her personal journey with cancer. It was along this path Jenny realized the dire need for financial and emotional support for children battling cancer and their families. Often these families are separated during cancer treatments, because the best medical care isn’t available close to home. They don’t always have the financial means to receive treatment at the hospital that will provide the best opportunity for survival for their child. And, often they lack the emotional support for the entire family to work through this difficult time.

Along Comes Hope® is a 503(c)3 helping families of children with cancer. We provide support through financial assistance with travel for treatment, creative emotional support programs, and advocacy to promote policy changes, awareness and education.

Currently, nearly 15,780 American children between the ages of birth and 19 years of age will receive the diagnosis of cancer. 1 out of 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer. No child should have to face cancer alone, and no family should be away from their child’s side.