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January Actor’s Jam Sessions SOLD OUT!
The Actor’s Jam Session In Georgia Next Session
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Soon to be a major motion picture starring
Austin St John and John Schneider.

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ICFF Laurels

Meet our Publicist
Donna Segura & Oleander PR

To say my being honored, and privileged to being a vital part of A GIFT OF THE HEART would be an understatement particularly due to the premise of the project that affects many including ourselves.

~Donna Segura

Meet our Spokesperson
World’s Classic MS. Tourism
International Winner

Sheila won the World’s Classic Ms. Tourism World International title on July 30th 2017. She has been doing pageants for about 3 years and started doing them for charity. Cancer kids families was her platform from the beginning. Sheila says “I have always worked behind the scenes in raising money for these families.” Sheila has been a caregiver and is a Cancer survivor herself.

Phase II of the Gift Tour was a success!
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signed by 
the author.

Two Families, Two Lives, One future. Soon to be a movie, this book crosses every boundary about love, faith and humanity. A story of friendship that will touch your heart. Buying this book will be helping Kids with Cancer, families in need and bring to the forefront the need for more organ donation.

NEW! Turn Your Heart On
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A lovely tale for the whole family. Meet Charlie and all the new friends he makes in his search for love, hope and charity. Will he find it? Find out. Great for all ages, recommended for ages 6-10.

NEW! African Sunrise
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Beautifully illustrated story about friendship, love and discovery. Join Chaba and Bosman on their adventure to the African Sunrise. Great for all ages, recommended for ages 8-12.

NEW! The Actors Handbook, 5th Edition.
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UPDATED 5th Edition of this acclaimed actor’s resource.
This is the companion book to the Actor’s Jam Session. A great resource for any actor breaking into the business. Order this great resource today.



Mission Statement
A Gift Of The Heart Film will be donating a portion of its net profits to Children with Cancer and families associated in need. Additionally we will provide help to Organ donation and forward the need for people to register. While we understand the shock of losing a loved one, a donation can save another. Our Team of talented industry professionals embrace life, on all levels, are coming together to produce this heartfelt movie, to inspire emotion and a movement for humility and humanity. ALL of us at A Gift of the Heart ask that you join us on this wonderful journey and Donate graciously. With thanks from all of us and may your days be blessed.